Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Create Signed Build of Android Application using Ant Script

If you want to create a signed build of the Android Application using Ant Script then follow the following procedure.

As mentioned in the previous post Build Android Application Using Ant Script following files were created in the project:
    -  build.xml
    -  proguard-project.txt

Now, open the file and add the following information:
    -\\Users\\Soofia faruq\\Desktop\\Keystore\\market.keystore
    -  key.alias=marketKeystore
    -  key.alias.password=android

I am assuming that you have keystore created if not then follow my next post. Here,
    - is the path to your keystore.
    -  key.alias is the called name of your keystore.
    - and key.alias.password are optional.

If you want to keep the password secret then you don’t have to mention it here but during execution of >ant release command you will be prompted for password.

Save the and execute the >ant release command from command prompt:

You can now find the signed and aligned .apk (ApiDemos-release.apk) file in the bin folder of the project.


I really like the method which they use to create this Android app. Script which shared you in the post is also very helpful for me. custom web app development service

Thank you so much for your blog. I have been using it as reference for my students during Android Courses in Chennai. It has been so much useful, keep writing more :)

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