Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Running Android Sample Projects from Eclipse IDE

Hi Android Developers! This is a very short post just to let you know how you can run Android's Sample projects from Eclipse. It is very simple! If you have successfully created and run the Hello World Project as described in my previous Hello Android World post, you should now browse and check all the Samples because they are really good and helpful.

In your Eclipse IDE go to File -> Project. In the New Project – Select a wizard window, as shown below, select Android -> Android Sample Project and hit Next button.


In the next Select Build Target window, choose the SDK Android 2.1 and hit Next.


The next Select Sample window, as shown below, provides you with the list of all the sample projects with respect to the Android 2.1 SDK. Here I am going to select the sample project ContactManager. Hit Finish to continue.


In the Eclipse IDE's Package Explorer view, as shown below, you can see the sample project. Now, you can study the source files and all other folders related to project in order to learn from this sample.


Now, it is time to run the sample project, ContactManager. Right click on the project in the Package Explorer view and select Run As -> Android Application. The emulator will launch and you can see the first phone lock screen as shown below.


In the Main Menu of the Android Emulator you can see the Contact Manger application as shown below.


Run the application and you will see the following first screen with the button Add Contact.


Browse this cool app and also check other sample Android applications of the SDK. From these sample apps you will see that how powerful Android platform is and the good thing is that it is very simple and easy to learn.


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