Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solution for Device Error - BlackBerry 9800 Simulator - Filesystem too big

I have used different BlackBerry simulators including simulators of BlackBerry 8900, BlackBerry 9800 and BlackBerry 9530 with some of my projects and they were running really great. Recently, I have setup the whole Eclipse environment with BlackBerry Java Application development on my Laptop and when I tried to use the simulators available under BlackBerry JRE 5.0 and 6.0 I have received the following error.


When I Ignore this error, another following dialog displayed.


And hitting Exit actually exits the simulator. I have to use BlackBerry 9800 simulator because with one of my current projects I have to set the Convenience key using APIs present under BlackBerry JRE 6.0 and need to test it on BlackBerry 9800 simulator. After spending a lot of time I finally solved the issue. So here now I am sharing the solution of the defined issue that works for me and I hope it may works for you. The solution is bit weird and sort of hit and try.

Solution with Eclipse

Right click on your project in Eclipse Project Explorer view. Go to Run As -> Run Configurations. Under the Run Configurations Window select Simulator -> Memory. Enter File System size in bytes. I have set the size to 157286400 and it works for me. 


Now Run and you will see the simulator running as shown below.


Solution with fledgelauncher.exe

Go to the installation folder of your BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 6.0, like on my system I have the path D:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 6.0.0\ (9800).

Search the file fledgelauncher.exe and run it. You will see the following dialog:


From the drop down list above in the dialog select Create a new simulator profile. Select the Software Version, Handheld Model, enter a unique Profile Name and hit Configure.


Following window will appear Create 9800 Profile. Under the Advanced tab enter Additional command line argument, /filesystem-size=157286400 and hit OK.


Now select Launch a simulator from the drop down list.


Now select the new Profile that you have created and hit Go.

And here is your BlackBerry 9800 simulator running fine.


Following is the BlackBerry 8900 simulator running great with the same Filesystem-size I have used above. 


In case if the Filesystem-size=157286400 does not work for you then try to assign different value like try with 100MB(convert to bytes before using). I have assigned file system size 100MB and received the following error while running BlackBerry 9800 but it works fine for 8900. 


If you start receiving any type of error again then execute clean.bat and try again.

So just hit and try and Good Luck!


it's work but I can't connect to internet :(

Hi, can you please tell how do you decide upon the no.of bytes to be given and I am getting an error as "Access violation reading from 0x00000004". I will be very grateful if you can suggest some solution for this.

Thanks in advance

As I mentioned it is hit and try. 157286400 works for me. Try by reducing it or by increasing it.

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